Yacht charter

yacht-charter Roma Charter Travel offer an exclusive luxury yacht with crew. Canados 86 - Malò is a fantastic opportunity for yacht charter: a max speed of knots 33 +/- 3%, power 2 x 1,800 hp and a fuel tanks capacity of us.gal. 1478.

Yacht charter is a great way to discover this wonderful area. You can yacht charter and go around the Mediterranean Sea, visiting islands like Egadi, Eolie, Pontine and Malta, Sicilia, Corsica and Sardinia.
Another feature of yacht charter with us is being able to park in several mooring like: Roma, Nettuno, Napoli, Sardinia.

Yacht charter with us is important, because we sets a benchmark for the modern express cruiser, combining powerful muscular grace with large, luxuriously equipped living areas. We create the finest private yacht charter vacation holidays, contact us for our friendly service.


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